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Working with the right people means having a team of professionals who are committed to helping you, with high level of skills and expertise in their fields, this means helping you in understanding each step on your way to recovery. This commitment to quality has helped MhIST build a remarkable track record of delivering results. 


Guaranteed added value Guaranteed added value
The vision of MhIST is to provide a society where people with mental health problems are accepted and empowered to improve their quality of life. Our mission is for the MhIST community to provide a friendly, safe and positive environment for people with mental health problems.

 Guaranteed added valueSupport you can trust
We at MhIST have a team dedicated to finding the right help and support for you.Our office hours are Mondays until Friday 9:30 am until 4:30 pm we are closed all public holidays. One of our many strengths is that we operate an answer service during out of office hours 365 days a year.


Support you can trust Professional team at your door
MhIST has several paid staff although much of the service is actually provided by a large number of highly trained volunteers. Importantly, MhIST delivers and continues to develop mental health services that are well respected both in the community and by statutory service providers alike.


Support you can trust A Lancashire Lasses Nature Diary
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Workplace Mental Health

Good mental health is good for business.

Mental health does not discriminate, it can affect any of us at any time.

Your people are your greatest asset and we believe that good business starts with good leadership. Mental health training can provide your line managers with the skills to support the wellbeing of your employees.

A happy worker is a productive worker 

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