I Get by with You All Being My friends Though in Lockdown It Will Never End

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Mike Wilson has written a song to the tune of “I get by with a little help from my friends” by The Beatles.

I Get by with You All Being My friends Though in Lockdown It Will Never End by Mike Wilson

What can I do I am in lockdown its true, many reasons I need to move,
Clearing the clutter and cleaning the house only so many times in the same groove

I get by with a little help from my friends
Able to survive, knowing I have got their ears to bend
I need every one of you, its clear I can now see
So much stronger connected are we?

What can you do when it’s clear to you there seems to be no ending in sight,
Focusing on something that you enjoy that’s only right
A hidden talent dormant for years now is the time for rebirth
Start to show the world the real you and your place on this earth

And get by with a little help from what are app friends
Don’t get down, use the time on others depend.
You may not think that no one cares let them know
Into the mix it will help you to grow.

What can you it’s so hard nothing seems to go right?
Don’t put yourself down, try humour be free
Respect yourself be proud break away,
 Much further on acknowledge and say

You’ll get by with a network of friends
Looking out for you before a crisis descends
Just try to move forward it won’t be long
Do as I am doing maybe write a new song.

What can you say weeks are drifting away?
All intentions diminished somehow
Listen to the encouragement, be more aware
It’s a reason to get up from that chair.

You will get buy don’t put yourself down
Break the routine, be silly I’ve found
Your alive and have so much to share
Change your focus from a constant stare

Where can you go we are restricted I know
An hour’s walk in the fresh air a start
Shielded so unfair, find other ways
To exercise your heart.

So get by with a circle of friends
On each other able to depend
All you need is a kind word or two
Lifts your spirit believe me it’s true

So as I reach the end of this song
Don’t be bashful just sing along
Include a dance a movement or two
How you interpret it that’s up to you

Remember to get buy by being a friend
A positive outcome for both to descend

Do you need anybody we all need someone to love?
To succeed everybody show you care remember the dove

And get buy don’t be shy make a friend
It will make your day and internalise, comprehend
Both sharing laughter and tears
Coping together reminiscing the years

By Mike Wilson (30th April 2020)

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