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Lillian’s Story

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I first heard about MhIST in 1999, after speaking to a CPN at Fallbirch.

I had been suffering with Mental Health issues for over 30years and had been prescribed lots of different medication over the years, until I was referred to Mhist for Counselling.

My counselling started January 2000, (MhIST was then situated on Chorley New Road) and it was the best thing that I had committed too.

Mhist was very helpful and understanding, my counsellor was very kind and gentle and listened to me very attentively. She saw me weekly at first and then (when I was ready) asked if I was up to going on to fortnightly sessions.

It was later suggested that I may like to join in the self-help group, this I considered and began to look forward to going on a Friday afternoon.

When I realised I was not on my own and it’s ok to ask for help I felt so good with myself and asked the Co-ordinator of MhIST if I could do some voluntary work in the office as a thank you. They had helped me to understand and helped me to realise that I was worth something.

I continued with my voluntary work for about 6 months, then I was offered a part-time paid position. I continued to progress in my position and was given more and more responsibility, I thrived on my position and was able to help other services users.

I owe so much to MhIST it was one of the most important things I ever did in my life.

If you are privileged enough to be offered any help from MhIST I would recommend you grab it with both hands. They are compassionate, non-judgmental and they will listen and support you. Please do not think that you are on your own.

Hope my experience will help you to grow.

Lilian Chamberlain.

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