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Putting Things in Perspective

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Putting Things in Perspective by Mike Wilson

When faced with challenges which are out of our control,
Often isolating ourselves is easier than looking at the whole.
Consumed and irrational with disquieting thoughts,
Unable to make any sense, answers continually sought.

Finding decisions hard to come by often too daunting to do,
Frightened of making the wrong ones mistakes we cannot pursue.
Loneliness overcomes us as the time lingers intensely we perceive
Almost paralysed to be motivated, connecting with others often leave.

To eradicate these melancholy times, looking outside our circumstance,
Diversifying these traits of thought in a pleasanter atmosphere we glance.
The possibilities are only governed by negativity creeping into our situation,
Seeking a more enlightened outlook should be the right destination.

Within the current crisis rationality is outside our ability to cope
Yet even through the apparent apathy there are glimpses of hope.
Enabled to appreciate endeavours made, discovering our inert best,
The extent of humanity daily being informed is searching without rest.

In order to have a clearer picture, transcending from the apparent glass dome,
Seeing the possibilities, beyond which there are the foundations for a new dwelling zone.
Begin this journey, maybe take a risk or two, may seem inappropriate nevertheless pursue,
Could be obstacles of others who negate you, whilst inspired vision apparent and true.

In my estimation looking from my inner faith onto which I hold, is the rock I am attached,
Gives me a reassurance, hope, peace and the ability to find myself totally relaxed.
Taking every day in perspective, positivity, upward and onward constantly relate,
Never veering from this canvas and palette of colours a future to anticipate.

My hope for each one of you, however it may seem, to find you’re in built resilience,
Your uniqueness, and obvious strength and resolve and get up and go in essence.
I believe in your capacity to overcome and succeed, whatever it takes to do,
Totally alongside and supportive is how I know you can win through.

Thank you for travelling with me on my journey in life to be a success,
You’ve helped create and inspire, in myself a person truly blessed.
As I go forward often into the vast unknown territory I see,
I am rooted in my Saviour whose life was taken for me.

By Mike Wilson

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