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Flying Free Above the Sea

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Flying Free Above the Sea by Mike Wilson

When talking about a lonely existence we need to research the southern seas.
Where one of nature’s largest birds is flying constantly, thousands of miles with ease.
With a wing span of 11 feet, equivalent to a glider I have found,
Using a technique known as “dynamic soaring” with barely any sound.

An ability to keep going the weather maybe stormy or absolutely calm,
Occasionally stopping to catch fish and squid to maintain their beautiful charm.
Living for 50 years or more self isolation “in built” very little else they need,
Used to their own way of living, never for other birds to plead.

Their life cycle begins with incubation in the egg for up to 70 days you see,
Followed by 10 months of being a fledgling, far from maturity.
Often taking many years of determined effort whilst above the ocean soar,
Only touching down on land approximately every two years to breed once more

These beautifully created birds are literally laid back with no apparent stress,
Yet in recent years their very survival is being put to the test.
Extinction a possibility because of selfish people, who don’t care,
To lose the Albatross would be a tragedy for future generations to bear.

By Mike Wilson

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