MhIST – Mental Health Independent Support Team working with our communities to give the best mental health support we can since 1992.

We provide a safe and friendly place where you can work at your own pace to start your journey towards positive mental wellbeing.

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Spring-time by Sara K Baby lambs all around. Crying out to their mums to be found. Summer time is on it’s way. Take a look around and see what you can find. Life outside is beautiful. So take a look around and hear the little birds in the trees singing… Read More

Flying Free Above the Sea

Flying Free Above the Sea by Mike Wilson When talking about a lonely existence we need to research the southern seas. Where one of nature’s largest birds is flying constantly, thousands of miles with ease. With a wing span of 11 feet, equivalent to a glider I have found, Using… Read More

Putting Things in Perspective

Putting Things in Perspective by Mike Wilson...When faced with challenges which are out of our control, Often isolating ourselves is easier than looking at the whole. Consumed and irrational with disquieting thoughts, Unable to make any sense, answers continually sought. Read More