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Hi Judith,
Thank you for seeing me. I promised that I would write to you and I'm so sorry for the delay.
If you recall when I first telephoned you I was feeling very low not wanting to involve my G.P. as I felt that if it was entered on my medical records it would affect my finding suitable employment. Although you didn't have to see me, not being referred to you by my doctor, you agreed to see me anyway. I'd been alone at Christmas like many others and hadn't seen anyone over the Christmas period. December is a really bad month for me. I have two brothers who I haven't seem in years and that's not through choice. My Mother and Father are both deceased. Just hearing a caring and understanding voice at the other end of the telephone really made me feel that I wasn't on my own so much so that when I did come to see you I was feeling much more encouraged and stronger within myself. It was also encouraging to know that my thoughts were very normal in the circumstances. you gave me so much help by listening and supplying me with the relevant information an I am so grateful for that even after the assessment you couldn't take the counselling further as I was focused on my future plans and seemed to be aware of life's values.

I was astounded and extremely saddened to hear that there had been drastic cuts in MhIST. I feel that this is a wonderful organisation for people who have completely lost their self esteem and direction in life
and by having someone to talk to about their fears and anxieties when people feel so alienated I feel that much progress can be made in people's mental health.

Finally you asked me to let you know about my position I told you about. I was successful and start on Monday 30.01.12
Thank you so much for your help Judith and long may MhIST continue

Take Care
Name and Address supplied

Dear Jamal,

Thank you so much for helping me these past few months. I can now feel happy enough to take back my life and not be wracked with guilt. You’ve helped me with my fears and anxieties and helped me overcome them. I am sincerely thankful for everything you have done for me, listening to my issues and advising me how I could progress. I have taken everything on boards and now reaping the benefits of a clearer, healthier mind. I will always be eternally grateful for all your help and support.

Once again, Thank You!

To Lunena,
Thank you so very, very much,
Thank you for all the support and advice you gave me. It is very much appreciated.

Love xx

Dear Hazel,
Thanks for everything!
Thenk you so much for your time and help over the last few weeks!
It’s made my day to day life so much easier to handle.
Thanks Again,

I take the corners of my mouth and make them turn back up,
I hold the hand of a friend and the shakes begin to stop,
The creams I use, it masks my worry,
The kind words wipe away my tears
Each day I find the strength,
To make light of my fears…

A little giggle,
A belly laugh,
One glimmer of change I see, 
Will keep me ever hoping
A good life for you and me.

Thank you MHIST for giving my son and I a big bright light at the end of every dark tunnel!!!

Dear Helen THANK YOU, 
I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed and appreciated our meetings. 
A big part of me wishes we had met socially. If you think at any point it would n’t be inappropriate to meet up for a catch up please keep my number.
I wish you all the best with your training and future clients.

To whom it may concern,
I was referred to MhIST centre to attend regular anger management counselling, along with various other issues, on a voluntary basis by Dr John Owen following the successful completion of the Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Course.
I began weekly attendance on April 6 2011. I have attended weekly sessions since, totalling some 14 sessions.
I had been suffering from acute depression and have had several episodes throughout my life, each episode has always ended with adverse results for myself and those around me.
Initially I was unable to accept that I had any anger issues due to lack of insight into my own behaviours and a lack of understanding of anger itself.
Ultimately I was forced to accept that I had an anger issue due to an incident that resulted in threats of violence and a criminal record.
At the time of attending the sessions, run by Jason, I was still suffering from depression, although beginning to manage this more effectively, I also had a great deal of repressed anger and no insight into the effect this was having on my life and those around me.
I am pleased to say that as a direct result of Jason’s intervention I am now able to not only recognise the signs of anger but also the tools to deal with these feelings appropriately.

Jason’s ability to guide me through this difficult and painful period of my life is worthy of recognition. My life has been transformed as a result of these sessions and I am now fully able to manage both depression and anger to a positive conclusion.
Without Jason’s intervention I would not have made this amount of progress, and I would be stuck in the same cycle of negative thoughts, behaviour and anger.
These sessions not only provide a vital lifeline for individuals such as myself and people with similar issues, but also provide a vital preventative service to make the community as a whole a safer place.
Yours sincerely


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