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Mental health does not discriminate, it can affect any of us at any time.

Your people are your greatest asset and we believe that good business starts with good leadership. Mental health training can provide your line managers with the skills to support the wellbeing of your employees.

A happy worker is a productive worker 

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All the statistics prove it - the primary cause of absence from work in the UK is not sickness or injury but poor mental health.  It’s a crisis that’s costing our economy a staggering £90 billion a year as well as blighting millions of lives and personal relationships.

But it’s a reality that is rarely acknowledged by employers. When it is, there is all too often an uncomfortable stigma attached and more than half say that they would not hire a person who had suffered from depression….. even if they were the most suitable candidate.

Workplace Mental Health is a new social enterprise. We’re dedicated to helping employers of all sizes and sectors change perceptions and culture by developing policies and introducing continuous education and training. We provide bespoke CPD courses, workshops and activities, providing managers and supervisors with the skills to support the wellbeing of employees and deliver: 


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