Many of us experience times in our lives when we feel under pressure and find it hard to cope, either as a person who experiences mental health problems or as a carer.

Sometimes we need the support and understanding of someone who can offer another perspective, helping us to get a fresh insight, and clearer view.

Talking Therapies are essentially a lively human and personal experience, because of this Talking Therapies are not always an easy process and can entail delving below the surface and talking about things that you may not be comfortable with and may never have spoken about.

It is however this process of self disclosure that may help you move toward greater personal awareness and growth and to move towards finding more effective ways of coping with life.

Talking Therapies, is not about solving problems for you, or about giving advice.

Talking Therapies can help you clarify your thoughts and your feelings so that you can arrive at your own decisions.

The MhIST Service can be accessed via the single point of access, ask for the 1point service.

Please contact them on 01204 483 101

1Point web site