Over a year I go, I came to you extremely ill with mental health I refused to look at people and speak, frightened and in a word broken. I was diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder and if it wasn't for this charity I probably wouldn't be here today to write this. during one of the periods of darkest days, I wrote this poem. it's personal so didn't want it to be seen, however, i have found strength and my life has taken a better cause and I feel if my poem can help someone else or make those who don't have mental health understand then it has done something. so this is why I am sending it to you in the hope it helps someone else.

Kind regards

Save me,

I'm a bird with a broken wing,
who's lost her voice to sing,
a girl hidden under a hood
longing for the bad days to turn to good.

I hold your hand, scared to let go
scared to let people know
scared they'd turn away
frighted about what they may say.

Is it okay I just want love,
instead, I get a cold shove
a taunting voice
and an illness that gives my emotions not choice.

I find myself crying
a part of me is dying
save me, hold me
don't let this be the person you see

I am still the girl you use to know
I'm only losing my glow
hold me close and tell me I'm going to be okay
at least just once a day

I've been given a life sentence,
and the pain makes a grand entrance.
help I'm drowning and I'm gasping
I feel my heart collapsing.

Help, but you wish not to hear me cry
so here I stay wondering if I'll be missed if I die
for once I see no love in your eye
that my pain has left you high and dry.

Save me, yet another back turn on me
you'd try to save once now you let it be.
Because I'm just mentally ill with
an illness I think that kill

Another doctor's appointment booked online,
another visit another tablet and I'll be fine.
yet what I want you won't give
and this isn't a life I want to live.

So save me now, hold me tight
help me see the light.
because this illness is me.
And I want the love and the times it use to be.

But now I see
that cannot be
you turned your back when I needed you most
I feel as if I am a ghost.
I understand you may be scared.
and you do it for my feeling spared.

But I need your help, let's help fight it together
stand together through the stormiest weather.
hold me when I fall,
hide my tears so I can stand tall.
Save me.

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