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Our website is built to meet W3C AA standards for accessibility.

We want to make sure that everyone is able to access the information we provide and communicate with us in ways that meet their individual needs.

Clear labelling

We use clear labels so visitors know where a link or button is taking them and the type and size of documents they are downloading. We have also used a clear design that takes account of people with visual impairments.

Plain language

We’ve attempted to use plain English throughout the site to make the information easy to understand.

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If you need to change the size of the text on our website, you can do this by clicking on one of the three letter ‘A’ links at the top of our website.

This will allow you to change the text size to small, normal or large.

Magnify the screen

If increasing the text size doesn’t make the text easy to see, you could try magnifying your screen. Most computer operating systems allow you to do this.

Select one of the options below to find out how to magnify your screen.

Windows 7 and Vista

Select the Start button, then ‘Control Panel‘, then ‘Ease of Access‘, then ‘Ease of Access Centre‘.

Under ‘Quick Access to common tools‘ select ‘Start Magnifier‘.

Windows XP/95/98/200/Millennium Edition

Select the ‘Start‘ button or press the Windows logo key.

Select ‘Programs‘ then press ‘Enter‘, select ‘Accessories‘ then press ‘Enter‘, select ‘Accessibility‘ then press ‘Enter‘, select ‘Magnifier‘ then press ‘Enter‘.

The magnifier will now be turned on and the settings box will display.

You can click in the magnification level box to change the level of magnification, or use the up and down arrow keys.

You can also minimise the magnifier settings box by clicking the minimise button or by pressing ‘Alt‘ and ‘Space‘, then pressing ‘N‘.

Mac OS X

Open the ‘Finder‘ then select the ‘Apple‘ menu, select ‘System Preferences…‘, select the ‘Universal Access‘ icon.

Select the ‘Seeing‘ tab then select the ‘Turn on Zoom‘ button.

To zoom in press ‘Alt‘ and ‘Cmd‘ and ‘+‘. This zooms to your maximum level of magnification set in ‘Zoom Options…‘. The preview rectangle (black bordered box) shows the area of the screen that you will see at maximum zoom.

To step back or zoom out press ‘Alt‘ and ‘Cmd‘ and ‘‘. Move your mouse around the screen to view the magnified page.

To change the maximum and minimum zoom settings select ‘Zoom Options…‘, then:

use the ‘Maximum Zoom‘ gauge bar to increase or decrease the magnification level.
use the ‘Minimum Zoom‘ gauge bar to increase or decrease the magnification level.
When you have finished select ‘Done‘ and, finally, select ‘Close‘ (red button at the top of the ‘Universal Access‘ window) to return to the Finder desktop.

To turn magnification on or off at any time, press ‘Alt‘ and ‘Cmd‘ and ‘*‘.


We don’t use colour alone to convey vital information.


All relevant images have alternative text descriptions explaining what the image is about. This description will be read out by screen readers and will be displayed if you hover your cursor over the image.

If the image is complex and cannot be described in just a few words, there will be a link below the image to another page with the full text alternative.

External links

All links to other websites will open up a new browser window.

If you want to return to our website after following an external link, you just need to close the new browser window.

Navigating our site without a mouse

  • You can use the ‘arrow’ keys to scroll up and down a page.
  • You can use the space bar to move down and ‘shift’ and ‘space bar’ to move up pages.
  • You can use the ‘tab’ key to move from one link to the next, in sequence, then press the ‘return/enter’ key to select the link.
  • You can use the ‘backspace’ key to go back to the previous page.

Software to read words out loud

‘Browsealoud’ is a computer program that helps people who have difficulty reading by reading out the words on a website. You can download Browsealoud for free by clicking on the link below. It may take a few minutes to download.

After you have downloaded and installed Browsealoud on your computer, go back to our website and move your mouse pointer over the words. You will see that the words are now highlighted in yellow. Leave your mouse pointing at the words and the Browsealoud voice will read them out to you.

 {gspeech}Text to speech{/gspeech}


MhIST, the Mental Health Independent Support Team, provides a friendly, safe and confidential service to support and voice the interests of mental health service and their carers.

We aim to support people in a positive environment where YOU can achieve what you need to do.

Our services and groups are free to use, but you do need an appointment if you want to use our advocacy or counselling services.

MhIST provides services like counselling, mindfulness meditation, dramatherapy, craft and social group which enable people to cope with anxiety and emotional distress.

Helping people to put strategies and plans in place so that they are able to deal with problems more effectively in future perhaps by learning relaxation or by having a practiced way of dealing with upset..

Our self help groups are very active and they provide for the needs of different groups of people such as bipolar, self harm, OCD and depression.

By joining one or even several of our self help groups you can gain; support from people who have similar experiences; the reassurance that you are not alone; Information; self esteem; a different perspective; a chance to meet new people. You won’t be judged or told what to do!

The MhIST advocacy team are here to help you with problems which you need sorting out but you need a hand with.  All you need to do is ask (or get someone to do it for you) and we will try to help.

When you come to MhIST our friendly and knowledgeable volunteer staff will make you feel comfortable and welcome, treat you with respect, listen to you without judging you and give you the opportunity to speak your mind.



Letters from Customers

A selection of letters from satisfied customers.

Hi Judith
Thank you for seeing me. I promised that I would write to you and I'm so sorry for the delay.
If you recall when I first telephoned you I was feeling very low not wanting to involve my G.P. as I felt that if it was entered on my medical records it would affect my finding suitable employment. Although you didn't have to see me, not being referred to you by my doctor, you agreed to see me anyway. I'd been alone at Christmas like many others and hadn't seen anyone over the Christmas period. December is a really bad month for me. I have two brothers who I haven't seem in years and that's not through choice. My Mother and Father are both deceased. Just hearing a caring and understanding voice at the other end of the telephone really made me feel that I wasn't on my own so much so that when I did come to see you I was feeling much more encouraged and stronger within myself. It was also encouraging to know that my thoughts were very normal in the circumstances. you gave me so much help by listening and supplying me with the relevant information an I am so grateful for that even after the assessment you couldn't take the counselling further as I was focused on my future plans and seemed to be aware of life's values.

I was astounded and extremely saddened to hear that there had been drastic cuts in MhIST. I feel that this is a wonderful organisation for people who have completely lost their self esteem and direction in life
and by having someone to talk to about their fears and anxieties when people feel so alienated I feel that much progress can be made in people's mental health.

Finally you asked me to let you know about my position I told you about. I was successful and start on Monday 30.01.12
Thank you so much for your help Judith and long may MhIST continue

Take Care
Name and Address supplied

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